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This spy bluetooth technology, previously only available to spies and law enforcement agencies is now available to the general public for all your covert audio surveillance operations on-the-go. The button is attached to a long wire that you can run down a pant leg and put the button underneath your toe or hide it in your pocket.

Upon pressing the beeper button, a beep tone is sent to your associates over the phone, no matter where they are in the world. Use the covert SOS button to signal one click for yes, two clicks for no, or get more advanced with full fledged SOS beep communication, without anyone knowing what you're doing.

All they have to do is call into your cell phone and they will be able to hear exactly what's happening and speak directly into your ear through a micro spy earpiece. Please note Bluetooth one device can be little different size like on the picture. Two SPY Invisible earpieces. Professional Bluetooth Module with beep and filters electronics inside!

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High Gain mini microphone. Specila clip for Signal button.

Step 1: What You Need.

The micro earpiece is a vibration principle and has no opened sound cavity. Microphone Picks Up Even The Faintest Audio The microphone can also be hidden under your clothes, where it can pick up even the faintest of sounds. This earpiece device is very soft and compatible to use for the longer period without damaging the ears.

Bluetooth Banyan, Wireless and Hidden communication system is a very strange and unique device as this device helps at the time whenever a help is required from the one who is not near us. The place where cell phone communication is not allowed like examination hall, court, at the time of driving, Conference Hall and the place where cell phone communication is restricted this bluetooth Banyan earpiece in Delhi proves to be very handful.

This set of Spy Bluetooth earpiece Banyan Device comprises a set of earpieces, jammer resistant banyan. The Bluetooth Earpiece is a micro headphone inserted in the ear canal which is not visible to anyone.

Spy Earpiece Devices for Exam

Also, the Bluetooth earpiece or walkie talkie is portable; two-way radio transceiver which allows the easy exchange of messages or audio between the two persons. Jammer free technology works on radio frequency. This is new innovative Technology works on all jamming area. It is 2-way communication device for exam purpose. Distance between Banyan and walkie talkie is up to meters.

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Learn more about earpiece models and compare them. Standard spy transmitter gets connected to your cell phone via Bluetooth.

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  4. The microphone embedded into the transmitter permits your assistant hear everything you say, even whisper. The answer can be clearly heard by you but nobody else.

    We offer different types of transmitters that look like real watch, glasses, MP3 player or a cable loop. Besides, we have unique offer for the situations when a cell phone is not allowed - GSM transmitter that replaces a cell phone or an MP3 transmitter. Watch them all and compare at Products page.

    Operating Instructions To make use of a spy set follow 5 simple steps: Set up Bluetooth connection between the transmitter and cell phone. It is made the same way as you establish Bluetooth connection between cell phones.

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    For that turn on Bluetooth on your cell phone and on the transmitter and let the two devices get connected. Put on the transmitter. Insert the wireless earpiece into you ear.

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    7. For that you need to put in the battery inside the earpiece first. Now you can insert the earpiece into the ear - far enough to make it invisible to others. The earpiece has no wires connected to the cell phone of the transmitter, so the connection cannot be seen by others.